World Key (Taipei)

Waking up to a new key and scavenger hunt for 1000 dollars in Taipei is how I started my day. Another hunt, another rabbit hole..

One key and additional $1000 in BTC have been distributed at all corners of Taipei by our agents.

The treasure is split into a set of 5 pieces. One set of 5 pieces will be distributed at Taipei ABS (Asia Blockchain Summit) 2019 on July 2nd and July 3rd. Another duplicate set has been distributed and is now available within a small radius of all locations provided below

1.) 25°03’25.4″N 121°32’43.2″E

2.) 25°02’35.1″N 121°33’08.7″E

3.) 25°01’24.1″N 121°32’32.1″E

4.) 25°02’38.6″N 121°30’26.5″E

5.) 25°03’03.0″N 121°34’38.4″E

See you in Taipei!

First step find the locations!  Second step find a hunter in the location area! Third step send him all around town blindly for hours. Haha Once Samuel saw the first QR sticker he started hitting each location one by one! We were under the impression we had all 5 however under discovering we had a duplicate we had to return to the hunt. In the time it took to get the hunter back to the location another hunter came and took the prize. However that will not stop us! We returned back to the hunt and retrieved the final QR sticker.

After recreating the QR stickers (Thanks to Justin) we were able to scan the codes and combined them giving us this link.

Of course another riddle.. Sending our hunter to the final location we got the QR code and passphrase! 


Finally and drum roll!!

Key 16 – ST-0016-663c2f23d10e9279d9513f99afbf279568a698b22dbf0993e71753efbde1ad69aee44d9d57bc64d4fceb70e81d64a3c0ef25ca54