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We have unity. We have trust. We have passion.
We are unstoppable!

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We are more than just hunters.
We are a  group of people who want to change things.


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We have a solid foundation, a macro vision, and a great moral compass!
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Team Leaderboard

Total points: 46000

NamePoints% of the Pot
1. Devon🗝 TCOG5668.56653912.32297074
2. Mike STHN TCOG5531.93830812.02595284
2. Niels 🗝 TCOG4554.997029.902167434
4. Erik Jan Meijer | TCOG3153.4527316.855332023
5. Swiss Mister 🗝 TCCREW2584.106145.617622043
6. GiuseppeTCMOD2189.106144.758926391
7. Cuko TCOG1911.0292174.154411341
8. Nick S TC1834.106143.987187261
9. Samuel 羅中聖1627.1616953.537308034
10. Fredrik Lyck1384.106143.008926391

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We’re proud to work with many people and their businesses.
Check out our sponsorship opportunities!

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