Magellan Clan Quits!

Magellan Clan refuses to continue the hunt without seeing proof of the prize of $1mm


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Magellan Clan was the first organized clan in Satoshi’s Treasure. It became also the biggest clan with more than 150 hunters and STM token owners. Most of the hunters from other clans followed the blog articles of Magellan Clan. Today, the leaders of Magellan Clan took an important decision. Magellan will be the first clan refusing to continue the hunt.

The reason: The prize of $1mm is still more or less imaginary.

The riddles are interesting and it’s not all about the prize. So, here is why we are out:

1. We are stunned that so many people who claim that they “don’t trust governments and corporations” and want to “decentralize the world”, are actually trusting a group of people that states that there is a prize of $1mm. How is a group of people better than governments and corporations (nothing against the creators of the game, it’s just a hypothetical question)?

2. We tokenized the prize offering STM tokens to clan members. The value of the STM tokens depends on our chances to find the treasure. We are not convinced that there is a treasure and we don’t want to give false hope to STM holders. Without proof of the prize we are out.

3. The game lost a bit of its charm with the last clues that are focused mainly on marketing – we saw too many company logos. Especially, the ClanChain riddle lost us – it’s designed in a way which gives users the chance to cheat by registering users who obviously don’t even know what they are doing. We don’t like this and we refuse to be part of it.

4. Satoshi’s Treasure is failing in attracting people who are new in the crypto space. We hope this will change.

Conclusion: The concept of Satoshi’s Treasure is great. We really like the riddles – they are very exciting. We also like the creators – they are doing a great job. The only reason to leave the competition is that we don’t want to risk giving false hope to clan members. We advise clan members to continue solving the riddles, enjoy the game, and maybe join other clans. But please don’t have very high expectations about the prize and the value of the STM tokens. We will be back for you if the creators announce the address holding the prize.