Released: 5/27/2019

Found: Yes

The Aesop Key

New clue posted here:

Solved but if you want to figure it out follow below..

You solve this key by..
1. Looking up what this key means.
2. Learn it is a Festine Lente.
3. Match Festina Lente to the squares in the middle of the picture.
4. Notice that the pixels repeat.
5. Using Festina Lente match up the pixels to the letters around the pitcure.
6. You will get ATAIL which is AT GMAIL
7. So the others must be DOT COM then match the rest to get a email
8. Email this email address and wait
9. Get a response email and hidden inside is the web address and the passphrase for this key.

Good luck hunters! #hunton #cipherstoshi