Released: 5/12/2019

Found: No

The Earth Key

New clue posted here:

Breakbeats on the Beach

The last key was a bit of a trek for some Hunters, but your help was greatly appreciated. Maybe now it’s time to kick back with some tunes and relax a bit. The world is heating up all over, and it might be time for some beach time with blue skies. That said, a Hunter is always hunting…

And soon thereafter, with this twitter post from Eric:

Which brought us to this website:

On that song’s image, Niels somehow managed to find a hidden text box with the words: “It is not necessary 2 understand music, it is only necessary that 1 enjoy it.”.

On the same website, and without explaining to us where, Niels somehow also managed to find a QR code, that had to be hand restored to yield the following address:

He thought about inserting our little sentence from Elvis Presley: “It is not necessary 2 understand music, it is only necessary that 1 enjoy it.”.

Which leads this text on
“Sound waves shake every bone in your body and you see a shimmering object warp into existence in front of you, as if it was shaken out of a fold in some other dimension. It drops to the floor: a Russian nesting doll. It’s hard to look at, as though its partially obscured by some kind of chaotic field. A note written in nearly illegible chicken scratch falls next to it, as the song fades out:

This mustn’t fall into the wrong hands. You were always more devout than I was. ESV Luke 12:2, first three words, and then last 5 words. Guard what you receive jealously.”

Clicking on the Russian Nesting doll brings about our picture of the Russian Doll on which we have been working on since.

Also, somehow they have entered the sentence everything that is uncovered will be revealed, or something to that effect, but it’s not clear to me where they inserted it. They then got a photo of only the blurry overlay on the Russian doll.