The Global Key

    Hello everyone!!! Tonight, we are happy to announce that ToshiCiphers, in conjunction with the ToshiCiphers Unity Hub, have solved the Globe Key. For those who may not know, the Globe Key consisted of over forty pictures posted on the Satoshi’s Treasure website. A link to the password protected key was also provided. The only other information provided was the password was composed of the first letter of the city in which each picture was taken.

After the key was first released, the speed at which the Unity Hub progressed was quite amazing. In the span of four hours almost all of the cities were found. According to Devon, “The Unity Hub is coming together more and more. They were a huge part of our achieving this key. Without them, it is unlikely we would have been able to accomplish everything we were able to”.

For the information of anyone who may not know, the Unity Hub is a group of hunters established by ToshiCiphers. Anyone is welcome within this chat as it is not required to be a part of any clan. At the time of writing, there are 162 members within the chat. This group has so far proved to be extremely adept at solving the various puzzles provided to them.

Anyway, now it is time to get to the real reason most, if not all, of you are reading this page: The Key.


We have shared the key and now to share what everyone wants! The method!
Everyone in Unity chat amazing job!! Neils brilliant man! Way to show how TC gets it done!

Niels B, [24.06.19 08:57]

Ok people, sorry for being silent yesterday. Was too busy.

I will share with you what I did on Global Key. First I tried to brute force with the google sheet we were building but it didn’t work out, so I tried different things, using different cities, letters. I even start using the second letter of the cities as nothing worked… I continued to use this method and with patience 🙂 It worked out. To be more specific, we were wrong on 45, it was Noirmoutier. We were wrong on the Greenland city, it starts with a N ! The Hague was just Hague ! 43 was Mykonos (not really a city 🙂 ) Cabos San Lucas was just Lucas.

It worked as I hit less than 4 wrong cities.  The pass is: lsbhdacdhdcssscfstnslcbarbavbbnlttdlgsbrtmmpn